Fun Media projects

Below you will find some more fun non-work related video and graphic projects I have done over the years.

Curious Gamers: Amnesia the dark decent

Curious Gamers: Limbo Playthrough

curious gamers

Curious Gamers was a small project I worked on with my friend Travis about 4 years ago. I filmed edited and supplied all the graphics for the show. The premise is one you have seen before, of players playing through games for people to watch and laugh at. The over all model of the show was based around the Achievement Hunters own Let's Plays. However once the work load of the professional side of my life built up, I unfortunately had to place this project aside, but hope to get back to it at some point in the future.


stephen's weekly vlog - week 12

Uploaded by Stephen Williams on 2018-03-26.

stephen's weekly vlog

Above is a series just started this year, taking after many others online, I started my own weekly vlog and do all the filming and editing myself, the goal is to go for an entire year in hopes to document progression through my life.

Mock Movie Posters

Mock Movie Posters

Another project I worked on for a couple years was my Mock Movie Posters. These posters weren't for any real movie or piece of cinema but instead gave my friends and I an outlet for our inside jokes. Anything we came up with I would try to make it into a poster. It was fun designing and It's another project I am getting back into with a few new ones in the wing.